Ticket Policy 購票須知

  1. 在本網站購票將不收取服務費;    
  2.  我們會收取$2郵費,把票郵寄到您指定的美國境內地址境外和演唱會之前10天購票者除外,請參見條例3),但是如果您需要tracking#或者是一次購票數達7張以上,請選用$10的proirity mail。  
  3. Will Call演唱會現場取票:演唱會開始前10天內的購票者請使用Will Call,於演唱會當天(開場前2小時至開場後20分鐘)前往現場取票處(Will Call)取票。現場取票時請務必攜帶與購買者相符之證件;
  4. 美國境外訂票者,恕不接受郵寄,請於演出當天至演唱會現場取票; 
  5. 請注意:網上購票交易成功後,不可以換票,退票; 
  6. 本網站購票者必須使用演唱會門票入場,e tickets 或online receipt將無法作為入場券使用;24個月以上的兒童需購票入場。如需購買殘障人士的座位門票,請直接致電演唱會場地的box office; 
  7. 您在購買以後我們將不定期向您所登記的e-mail信箱中發送新的演唱會及贊助商資訊。                                                                                                                 如在本網站或本網站的連接中購票,則視作您已同意本Ticket Policy。有關其他購票問題,請 email 到99concets@gmail.com查詢。      


1. There is no service charge for online ticket purchase.   

2. We will mail the tickets to you if you purchase the tickets 10 days before the concert.  

    1) Priority Mailing Service: $10.00, we will mail the tickets to your registered address via US Postal Services Priority Mail, meantime the tracking number will be sent to your email address.  

    2) Regular Mailing Service: $2.00, we will send your tickets by First-Class mail. Please use priority mail if you purchase 7 or more tickets. 

    3) If you haven’t received your tickets 7 days before the concert, please send email to to check and follow the email instruction for reprint. We will NOT be able to assist you on event day if you do not call in advance   

3. Please use Will Call service if you purchase the tickets within the 10 days to the concert. Please use your photo ID to pick up your tickets from 2 hours before to 20 minutes after the concert beginning at the Will Call office in the concert venue entrance.   

4. Please come to pick up the tickets at the Will Call office in the concert venue entrance if your mailing address is outside of United States. 

5. Please be noted that there is no refund or exchange once the online purchase is completed.

6. You should use the physical tickets to enter the concert, the e tickets or online receipt could not be used. Child over 24 month needs a full price ticket, Please call concert venue box office if you want to purchase the disable seats. 

7. We will send concerts info and the other commercials of our sponsors to your email box  

If you purchase the concert tickets in our website or the link of our web site, that means you already read and agreed this Ticket Policy. 

Any further question regarding ticket purchase, please email to